Hammer Mill

Non Reversible & Reversible Hammer Mills

Our Hammer mills meet the needs of Power Plants, for feeding Fluidised Bed Boilers which needs - 6mm Coal from a feed size of 150mm. Small mills of 600Ø x 200 meet the needs of sampling plants ( at Ports, Power Plants)- ie. -4 mesh crushed coal. Bigger Sizes of 1200Ø x 1200 handle 100-150 TPH of coal. Our mills are also employed for crushing Limestone in the Cement Industry, Hammers & Liners are of IS : 276 Hadfield Manganese Steel.

Ring Granulator

Till about 2 decades ago, most of the boilers were grate / Travelling grate type employing -20mm coal. With the advancement of Fluidised Guel feed Boilers, Ring Granulators are out of fashion now. However, Some sponge Iron Indutries, needing -20 mm coal have adopted Ring Granulators. We do supply this on demand.

Vibrating Tube / Ball Mill

These are mills where the material and grinding media are held in Tubes and subject to vibration of about 1000/minute. Usually executed in twin tube construction, are excellent machines for grinding down to a few microns. Excellent for value addition of specified minerals catering to special applications. Capacities limited to a few thousand kgs/hr. Special Ball Mills of vibrating Type in batch execution are also avaliable. Maximum usage found in the hard/soft ferrite industries.