Roll Crusher

Single Roll Crusher

These Crushers are meant to handle large feedsize of material. Crushing ratios would be of the order of 4. Most of our crushers have gone for handling ROM Coal of 500 to 600 mm. However, they are also excellent for materials such as Bauxite, serving as primary crushers.Sizes of upto 1200Ø and 1500 width available.

Double Roll Crusher

These come under the catagory of Secondary Crushers having a number of variations available to meet different applications. Can be executed in smooth roll, Small tooth, Big tooth, Single piece roll or roll made up of rings on hexagonal rotors. etc. etc. Further application can be for pet coke, coal, Iron ore, Clinker etc. We can offer with either mechanincal or Hydraulic Springs.Sizes of upto 1200Ø and widths upto 2000mm supplied.

Three Roll Crusher

This consists of one large diameter roll and a pair of smaller diameter rolls. Location is such that the material enters the big roll - small roll combination first and then enters the smaller rolls in the second stage. Crushing is done in two stages. effective for use in limited space. Being used for Coal since a decade.

Four Roll Crusher

These were developed, when the feed to product ratios exceeded 4. In view of low speed of crushing, dust generation was less. Paper Industries / Textiles and dust sensitive users prefered these crushers for coal for their Boiler Houses. Top Rolls are usually toothed and bottom rolls smooth.

Screw Roll Crusher

This is basically a Double Roll Crusher with crushing elements called spikes, of different shapes / sizes to meet different applications. The crushing element is fixed to individual spike holders, which are keyed to the roll shaft. Thus crusher can handle large feed sizes and crush creating minimum fines. Crushing takes place in stages, since the spikes are located in a staggered manner. The crusher has an integral hopper into which the feed material can be directly unloaded. Excellent for working as primary crusher for limestone, coal and other medium hard materials.